'This is Me Now: A Love Story' Review: Jennifer Lopez's Most Vulnerable Project

Review: Jennifer Lopez's This is Me Now A Love Story musical

After watching Jennifer Lopez‘s musical odyssey, THIS IS ME NOW; A LOVE STORY, her critics may be feeling a little bit guilty. The 55-minute music video spectacle offers insight into the mega star’s love life and why she’s so in love with love.

Musical artists are changing the way they promote their new album releases. Beyonce supported her new album with a feature-length film, RENAISSANCE A FILM BY BEYONCÉ. Lopez takes it up a notch with a fantastical musical that hits on a personal note. The ambitious project is big in scope and visuals.

Lopez, the performer, delivers the spectacle but also brings a vulnerability we haven’t seen before. The artist shares something very personal with the world. It humanizes the public persona in a very relatable and human way.

It takes courage to put your business out there with this narrative. That wasn’t Lopez’s intention, as revealed by music video director Dave Meyers during an interview. Lopez’s frequent collaborator says he encouraged her to make it a personal journey.

Called a musical odyssey, the extended music video sticks to the theme throughout with shrink sessions with Fat Joe, and a heavenly council that includes cameos by Jane Fonda, Sofia Vergara, Trevor Noah, Post Malone, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lewis and Neil deGrasse Tyson giving their perspective of Lopez’s lovesick syndrome. An unrecognizable Ben Affleck who helped pitch the project, also makes an appearance.

The production element is impressive, and the constant change in settings and musical numbers keep it interesting. Lopez's new music, however, doesn’t break new ground with familiar beats and sounds.

THIS IS ME…NOW may not just be a cathartic experience for Lopez but for her fans and non-fans who often questioned Lopez’s choices in love. This unique project doesn't reflect her real-life relationship status, but the world knows Lopez has found her happily ever after with Affleck.

THIS IS ME…NOW: A LOVE STORY is now streaming on Prime Video.



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