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Lockdown Roundup: More Movie Releases Rescheduled & TV Shows Will Not Air Finales

The news out of Hollywood has been slow since the coronavirus put a halt to normal life. Here's a lockdown roundup on what's going on in the world of television and feature films. 


Given that movie theaters are closed and people are huddled around their television or smart device screen, most major studio films are currently streaming, and some are hosting watch parties to give viewers a communal experience.

Call of the Wild and Downhill now on Digital









Birds of Prey, Bloodshot, Pixar's Onward now on Digital


WONDER WOMAN 1984 has been moved off from June 5 to late summer August 14. Patty Jenkins announced it Tuesday with a tweet. Lin-Manuel Miranda's IN THE HEIGHTS off June 26 date with no  announced

The Aretha Franklin biopic RESPECT starring Jennifer Hudson was moved from October to a limited release at Christmas to qualify for award season.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman  



On the television end, many of the shows have delayed their season finales.

The Walking Dead season 10

"The Walking Dead's" finale will be postponed to a later date as a special. April 5 will serve as the finale. One outlet reported the crisis halted the post production of the finale so they had no other choice.

"The Walking Dead" spin-off "The World Beyond" which was supposed to air after the finale has also been delayed as well.

"Grey's Anatomy" is also holding off their finale. April 9 will be the last show, and ironically the episode is titled "A Happy Face." Why would they have to delay the season finale? Since most Americans are at home, wouldn't it be appropriate? Unless the episode deals with issues that hit too close to home right now. Plus, the media reported that the doctor's shows donated all their props including hospital gear to hospitals which is great. So big applause to Hollywood for their contribution. 

Grey's Anatomy

HBO's Barry

HBO also announced their shows "Succession" and "Barry" have delayed production on the third season. They were in pre-production at the time of the national emergency. A lot of tv show productions have come to a halt so how will that affect the fall premieres?

HBO's Succession

In cancelation news, Netflix has canceled "Messiah" starring Michelle Monaghan after only one season. I didn't watch it but was it any good?*



Michael Biehn as Hicks in ALIENS

Michael Biehn best known as Hicks in ALIENS and Kyle Reese in the original TERMINATOR movie is the latest actor who will appear in "The Mandalorian's" second season as a guest star. Supposedly he'll be playing a bounty hunter from the Mandalorian's past.

Last week, the news of Rosario Dawson guest starring as fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's Jedi padawan apprentice from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" got many people excited that the animated character was coming to the "The Mandalorian."  The second season is set to be released this fall but how will this pandemic affect that date? Hopefully it doesn't

Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars


The production of the Disney+ show may have wrapped up already since they started shooting it last year around October. When CineMovie attended the press conference for the show last October, the cast and Jon Favreau announced they were currently shooting season 2. Season 2 production was already under way before the first season premiere in November.

Killing Eve

One show coming early is "Killing Eve's" third season which AMC moved up two weeks. The show by Phoebe Waller-Bridge will premier April 12 instead of April 26. And if you haven't checked out Waller-Bridge's other show, "Flea Bag" - do so. I just recently watched it and it's a genius show. She deserves all those trophies she won last year.



While there may not be much deal making in Hollywood right now, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds may be locking in their new projects.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling will be starring and producing THE HAIL MARY by "The Martian" novelist Andy Weir. He'll play an astronaut floating alone in a space ship. What can go wrong? It seems he didn't get enough of space after starring as Neil Armstrong in FIRST MAN. 

The other Ryan may be producing and starring in a live-action feature adaptation of the ’80s arcade game DRAGON’S LAIR for Netflix. That'll be Reynolds third videogame-related project after starring in POKEMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU and this summer's action movie, FREE GUY which may be delayed given the current situation.

Dragons Lair Ryan Reynolds

And there's some fictional casting around "Tiger King's" colorful, real-life characters from the Netflix docu-series. Dax Shepherd and Edward Norton are jokingly vying to play Joe Exotic after Twitter users began casting their choices for the subjects. But we all know who is perfect for this role - Joe Dirt himself David Spade. It's a match made in heaven. Ironically, Kate McKinnon was cast to play Joe Exotic's rival Carole Baskin in a tv series based on this batshit story so there's more coming.

Tiger King 


If you enjoyed "Tiger King," also binge the 4-episode docu-series, "Evil Genius" on Netflix. That story makes Joe Exotic look tamed. 

Another docu-series worth checking out is the Lorena Bobbit story on Amazon Prime. Just when you thought you knew the whole story, this series really opens your eyes to what really happened in detail and how the media sensationalized her story that hurt her instead of helping a victim.

"Ozark" season 3 is now available on Netflix, and boy it's a bloody season. Laura Linney is killing it as a bad ass this season who's so power hungry - she's willing to take chances and buddy up to a drug cartel jefe (boss).

If you'd rather escape reality and laugh, check out these stand up specials on Netflix which will have you rolling on the floor of your house.

10 Funniest Comedy Specials on Netflix

On cable, if you're a Spectrum or Charter subscriber, Showtime and EPIX are free until April 19. I started watching "War of the Worlds" on EPIX and I'm hooked. The aliens are something new we haven't seen so check it out.

What are you watching? Post your recommendations below because it looks like we'll have time to binge a lot during this lockdown.

Visit for daily news and watch our YouTube channel for our weekly lockdown roundup. We're going to have a few giveaways coming up. 

Stay home if you can and a huge thank you to those on the frontlines risking their lives including truckers and grocery workers. Take care.


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