Top 15 Matthew McConaughey Movies


Matthew McConaughey is once again getting rave reviews for his latest role in Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR. He’s been on a winning streak in recent years with juicy roles including one that nabbed him an Oscar for best actor. We’re counting down 15 of Matthew McConaughey’s best performances.


15. Dazed and Confused (1993)

This breakthrough role as a stoner seemed fitting for this Texan. It put him on the Hollywood map, but unfortunately he was sidelined by a few romantic comedies early in his career.

Dazed and Confused

14. U-571 (2000)

The Bonjo-playing actor holds his own in this ensemble as a submarine commander along with Harvey Keitel, Bill Paxton and David Keith in the World War II action flick.


13. We Are Marshall (2006)

Every actor has to have an inspirational sports story in their repertoire. McConaughey plays a college football team coach rebuilding the football program after tragedy claims the lives of players and fans. He’s quite convincing as an untraditional coach who can pull a community together.

We Are Marshall

12. A Time to Kill (1996)

In one of his first dramatic roles, McConaughey gives a heartfelt performance along with Sandra Bullock as a lawyer defending Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the racist South.

A Time to Kill

11. The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

McConaughey shows range playing a defense attorney once again, but for a less noble cause. This movie along with Bernie is the start of a new direction for the actor whose forte will be playing flawed characters.

The Lincoln Lawyer

10.  Bernie (2011)

His role is minor in this true story of a mortician turned killer, but a memorable one as a small-town Texas district attorney prosecuting Jack Black’s Bernie.


9. Magic Mike (2012)

Our criteria for this one is solely based on his stripping, guitar playing skills.

Magic Mike

8. Lone Star (1996)

McConaughey is right at home playing a Texas sheriff investigating the murder of his former boss. Along with A Time to Kill in the same year, we were seeing a semblance of the Oscar-winning actor-to-be.

Lone Star

7. Frailty (2001)

Directed by actor Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic), Frailty can be considered the predecessor to "True Detective" with a disturbing tale of murder and religion with McConaughey retelling the horror story of a fanatical father.


6. Killer Joe (2011)

In one of his first turns as a villain, McConaughey’s portrayal of a hit man is unnerving as his obsession for his client’s younger sister makes it an awkward film to watch especially when he strips down.   

Killer Joe

5. Mud (2012)

Critics tongues starting wagging after seeing McConaughey as a fugitive who befriends two boys, in yet another performance as a very flawed character.


4. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

In another scene-stealing performance, McConaughey is the best part of the movie as brief as it was in the Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio five-time Oscar nominated film.

The Wolf of Wall Street

3. Interstellar (2014)

McConaughey returns to playing heroic characters in Christopher Nolan’s space odyssey, but in Nolan’s hands nothing is black or white.


2. True Detective (2014)

As Detective Rust Cohle, McConaughey is once again nearly unrecognizable as a man with serious issues, yet a competent detective in his own way.

True Detective

1. Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

His physical transformation as an AIDS patient who profits from the disease won him the Oscar, and it’s well deserved.

Dallas Buyers Club

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