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Tribeca Drive In Series Review: More Pop Up Drive Ins Please

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Tribeca Drive In Los Angeles

Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Enterprises is hosting pop up drive-ins across the nation through August. It’s been months since watching a movie on the big screen due to the pandemic, so it was a real thrill attending Tribeca’s drive-in at the Rose Bowl to watch SPACE JAM for the first time. The screening was held in the daytime so there was concern about the visibility of the movie during the high sun.

Tribeca Enterprises partnered with IMAX and AT&T for the pop up drive-ins in Los Angeles, New York, Arlington (Texas), Miami, Seattle and suburbs of New York. The program started July 1st and a percentage of proceeds from ticket sales will go to Black Lives Matter.

Tribeca Drive-In Series Bringing 30 Films To Pop Up Drive-ins Nationwide

The curated program includes classics like JAWS, GOONIES and recent films like WONDER WOMAN, BLACK PANTHER and many others. Special guests like Steven Spielberg make appearances in pre-recorded introductions.

In the 70s and 80, movie drive-ins was the cool way of watching movies, although I recall the muffled audio coming through a metal speaker hanging on your window. In modern day, drive-ins now use FM radio to transmit the audio, and it sounds great. For pop-up drive-ins, it's no longer  projection but a digital screening.

Michael B Jordan and Amazon Studio Host 'A Night At The Drive In'

Attending Tribeca's Drive-In was definitely nostalgic, and there was excitement over watching Michael Jordan's first starring role in the classic movie, SPACE JAM. The family-friendly fare was funny and silly. A perfect option to keep children entertained. Revisiting the Looney Tunes gang was also a flashback to my childhood.

The SPACE JAM screening at 4:45pm wasn't my first option but the evening screenings didn't fit my needs. A main worry was watching a movie under the baking California sun. Held at the Rose Bowl's parking lot in Pasadena, the giant LCD screen was no problem for the bright day.

Perhaps SPACE JAM's mix of live action with animation helped. The colors were vibrant and clear. The heat was not ideal but we kept cool running the air conditioner. The next time, I'll definitely be an evening screening.

Vendors walked around with refreshments and popcorn, in addition to concession stands and food trucks at your disposal for your munching options.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience with social distancing and masks required outside your automobile. You can now enjoy movies on the big screen in an outdoor setting in your car which is a great option for audiences who are not returning to an indoor movie theater anytime soon because of the pandemic. Currently there are 305 existing drive-ins around the United States, so more pop-up drive-ins needed.

Tribeca isn't the only ones offering curated film programs. Michael B. Jordan partnered with Amazon Studios and Prime Video for 'A Night At The Drive In' with double features at no cost to attendees at existing drive-ins through August. The actor picked movies reflecting multi-cultural voices with films such as BLACK PANTHER, SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, GIRLS TRIP and many others. 

Michael B Jordan and Amazon Studio Host 'A Night At The Drive In'

If movie theaters were thinking outside the box, they would have transitioned into a pop-up drive-in model. It's a great option for movie fans missing the experience but are not willing to risk their lives in an indoor setting.

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