Wonder Woman Review: DCEU Takes A Page From Marvel

Under the direction of Patty Jenkins, the female DC superhero gets a proper introduction that far surpasses our expectations. Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman. In BATMAN V SUPERMAN, the superheroine was mysterious and badass but not much else. In the WONDER WOMAN stand alone movie, Diana princess of the Amazons is a kind-hearted, compassionate and idealistic hero. When she leaves the island for the industrial, war-torn Europe, it’s a sharp contrast to the beauty of the island. Diana Prince’s introduction to the human world is a fish-out-of-water story which provides a lot of the humor but it also provides a lot of the heart. Diana Prince’s idealistic views of mankind are naive as she comes to find out, but it’s a reminder of what the world should be.

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In many ways, Diana Prince shares similar qualities to Chris Evan’s Steve Rogers in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. The first CAPTAIN AMERICA’s setting is also in the past during World War II. WONDER WOMAN takes place during World War I. The war time settings make it ripe for political and social commentary which both movies do. Both characters share an innocence and naïveté but a willingness to help people without the superhero angst of the DCEU movies. The third act is where you really see the parallels between the DCEU movie and the Marvel film that involves a self-sacrifice, a plane and budding romance.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

WONDER WOMAN actually feels more of a throwback to the original SUPERMAN starring Christopher Reeves especially the alley scene in which she blocks a bullet meant for Steve Trevor. Both share an idealistic view of their powers which is to serve mankind and protect them from evil perpetrators. Unfortunately the trajectory of a superhero involves becoming disillusioned with humanity and that’s how we end up the brooding superbeings of the new DC cinematic universe. Hopefully a WONDER WOMAN sequel won't fall into those trappings and still deliver a fresh take on a popular character.

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Chris Pine was also a standout as Steve Trevor. He had the perfect chemistry with Gal Gadot.  Chris Pine is the most likeable you’ve ever seen him on screen with the right balance of charm, righteousness and comic relief.  He showed range specifically his comedic timing which was on point.
WONDER WOMAN is a movie we’ve been waiting for DCEU to deliver. It's not perfect but it's a good time. Enough with the emo DC superheroes. This one brings back the giddiness you got when you watched superhero movies like SUPERMAN as a child.
WONDER WOMAN is out now and it merits multiple viewings.

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