'Lost in Space' Season 2 Review: Best Show Ever

"Lost in Space" could've easily been exploited merely as an action-filled adventure, but at the core it's a family drama. The story and characters are so very layered that you have to admire how much thought goes into making this Netflix series. 

The first season sets up the family dynamic quickly. The kids are all genius' (Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins, Mina Sundwall) as is the scientist mom Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) who's brilliant and smart with a husband John (Toby Stephens) who serves as the muscle. Every character does the heavy lifting and each hold their own. They all take turns saving each other. 

While season 2 starts out a big slower than the first outing, it soon picks up speed when Will and the robot reunite. The new season is less about the robot and Will's relationship and more about the family. Last season, Will (Jenkins) was insecure about his equal intelligence compared to his siblings, but in the new episodes, Penny (Sundwall) is feeling she's not as special as the rest of them. They also explore the relationship between dad and his adopted daughter Judy. That sets up a twist that will play in the third season. 

Parker Posey's Dr. Smith is also a stand out as the conflicted character who can't help but put herself first. Just when we think she's turning a new leaf, she ruins it by reverting to her true nature. 

The confidence and smarts the young cast displays is so refreshing and they serve as great role models for our next generation. The young actors who play them are exceptional in every aspect. Everyone is endearing to a fault. The show also teaches a few lessons in problem solving.  

The journey to reach Alpha Centauri is not easy as should be expected. As usual the family and the colony face many, many setbacks which at times feels frustrating as a viewer. You want them to succeed but then the show would be over. 

Netflix easily supercedes everyong in blind casting. The diversity in this series is exceptional, and color is never an issue when the story revolves around surviving.   

"Lost in Space" season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. 


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