Black Mirror Season 4: Ranking The Most Shocking Episodes

Black Mirror Season 4

There are no bad BLACK MIRROR episodes but there are ones more shocking than other shows. Season 4 continues that tradition so here's our ranking of Season 4's most shocking episodes.

The Netflix anthology series are morality tales which explores human behavior in a world of advance technology. It's the modern day TWILIGHT ZONE.

Season 4 brings prominent names in front and behind the camera including Jodie Foster directing "Arkangel" with Rosemarie DeWitt starring.  A few big time Hollywood directors also take the helm.

So if you're short on binge watching time, here are the episodes you should watch first.

1. "Crocodile" - Most Shocking

John Hillcoat (LAWLESS, TRIPLE 9) directs this surprising and shocking episode of a woman who goes to great lengths to cover her crimes. A memory machine may be her downfall. 

This one had me screaming at the television in shock as the woman (Andrea Riseborough) commits some heinous crimes.

2. "Black Museum"

A woman (BLACK PANTHER's Letitia Wright) enters a museum where the proprietor tells her stories relating to the artifacts.

This show reminds us how ugly the human race can be especially when technology allows them to be even more crueler. There's a shocking twist at the end that you don't see coming. The show has been controversial because of the commentary over the judicial system and it's unfairness to black men. This one hits close to home since in this future people of color are still being misjudged or prosecuted.

3. "Metalhead"

A woman (Maxine Peake) attempts to survive robotic guard-dogs.

David Slade (THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT) directs this very suspenseful post-apocalyptic tale of a world overtaken by robotic guard-dogs. It may be fiction, but those robotic dogs are already in production. Look it up on YouTube.

4. "USS Callister"

A woman (Cristin Milioti) wakes up on a space ship where the crew praise their all knowing and fearless captain ("Fargo's" Jesse Plemons), who used DNA scans to simulate real people within his game.

At first glance it looks like this BLACK MIRROR episode parodies STAR TREK, but it goes so much further than that. It starts out one way, but it totally goes south for the characters quickly. It's always the quiet ones.

Look for voice cameos by Plemon's fiance Kirsten Dunst, and "Breaking Bad" and 'The Path" actor Aaron Paul.

5. "Arkangel"

After nearly losing her daughter, a mother (Rosemarie DeWitt) invests in a new technology that allows her to keep track of her child. 

Directed by Jodie Foster, the story is not as fascinating as the technology that allows a mother to monitor her child's activities, but when she becomes a teenager, that's when everything goes haywire. It poses the question, "what would you do?"

<6. "Hang the DJ"

A new dating app matches people without your consent but purely based on your compatibility, but high-tech matching isn't always accurate. A couple falls for each other, but they are forbidden to stay together by the app and its enforcers.

Television director Tim Van Patten ("Boardwalk Empire," "Game of Thrones," "The Sopranos") brings lighter fare to this BLACK MIRROR episode. Of all the six episodes, this one is the cutest of the bunch although it's quite scary that a computer would dictate who you belong with and for how long.

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